Once Upon A Time Volume 6 is out

Every Monday morning, I send out a free mini-story via email to help start your week (sign up here to get them!), and every so often I release the latest batch of stories as an ebook. The sixth volume in that series is now available, in a convenient format to dip into whenever you like.

Once Upon A Time Volume 6 ebook cover

The series is called Once Upon A Time: standalone tales of 1,000–3,000 words, in genres including science fiction, horror, the supernatural, and more. The goal is to provide bite-sized stories to spark the imagination, and provide respite from the world during a very strange time. Each volume includes author’s notes on each tale, describing inspiration and background.

Volume 6 includes the stories Twitcher, Poignancies, Infringement, Stakeholders, Me Time, Letter E, Customs, To Me You Are A Window, Neighbourhoods, Ornaments, Just What I Wanted, Lens, Samaritan, Gone, Joy, The Way of Things, Opting Out, and The Attaché.

Be sure to look for the other ebook and paperback instalments too!

Thanks for reading.