Once Upon A Time Volume 2

The second volume of my anthology of ultra-short sci-fi / horror / etc stories is out now! You can find on Amazon/Kindle, Apple Books, and as a ePub ebook file (either as-is, or a special autographed-cover edition!). Once Upon A Time is a collection of flash fiction: standalone tales of 1,000–3,000 words, in genres including science fiction, horror, and the supernatural! The anthology also includes author’s notes on each tale, describing inspiration and background.

Once Upon A Time volume 2 book cover

There are two volumes in this collection, so be sure to look for the accompanying volume too.

You can buy a copy:

Volume 1 includes the stories Retirement, Non-Local, The Gift of Time, Awake, The Translator, Ghost Streets, Transport, Faces, The Calendar, Stairs, Squeezed, Decision, One Silver Shilling, Bring Her Back, Inhabited, Heavier, Tribute, and Waiting.

Volume 2 (this one) includes the stories Fluent, Stolen Words, Impediment, Passing Through, Return, Shortages, Lights, Paranoia, Influencers, Left Behind, Foreign, Symbol, The Fairness, Obstacles, The Old Gods, The Repository, and Denning’s Walk.

These tales each stand alone, and I encourage you to think of them as a box of chocolates: there are some that you’ll like, and some that you won’t, but not everyone will agree about which ones fall into each category.

Dip in whenever you need to, let your imagination handle the rest — and take care of yourself.