An elite EU special forces team, tasked with dangerous missions that are a little out of the ordinary…

The action-technothriller series, blending adventure, fringe science, and conspiracy.

Classified missions at the edges of science…

KESTREL is the European Special Tactical Force, Group One: a secret, elite EU force with expertise in covert action. Their remit includes surveillance, counter-terrorism, action on foreign soil both aligned and otherwise, and armed incursion where necessary and justified. They operate under the direct authority of the European Security Council.

When the mission is too secret or too strange for anyone else, KESTREL is ready.

Meet the Team
















Captain Jessica Rose Greenwood

Commanding Officer

English national. Ex-British Army. Only child. Principled and self-sacrificing. Overriding sense of duty and responsibility. Doesn't form close attachments easily. Workaholic. Irritated by mysteries. Determined to integrate Aldridge into her squad. Brexit status: Belgian citizen.

The buck stops here. Every mission is my responsibility.

Doctor Neil Cameron Aldridge

Sciences Specialist

Scottish national. Physicist and recently-trained field agent, after his involvement in the DESTINY situation. Quick-witted, and uses humour to deflect. Introspective. Uneasy relationship with authority. Brexit status: German citizen.

If this doesn't go well, delete my web browser history.

Addendum: Aldridge is REDACTED REDACTED, status currently unknown.

Sergeant Lawrence Geraint “Larry” Dowling

Weapons and Explosives Specialist

Welsh national. Second in Command. Ex-SAS. Easygoing nature belies his physical power. Optimistic. Extremely loyal to Greenwood. Has two elder brothers and one younger sister. Has formed a friendship with Aldridge. Brexit status: Belgian citizen.

Whether I can or I can't, I'm bloody well going to.

Corporal Alicia Maribel Ramos

Surveillance and Infiltration Specialist

Catalonian national. Unsurpassed markswoman. Expert sniper. Extensive training in unarmed combat. Private personality. Confident and controlled. A born observer. Has a step-brother. Lives with her wife, a museum curator, in Evere municipality, Brussels.

Life is rarely black and white. I'm in favour of pragmatism.

Lieutenant Gerrit Tomas “Goose” Goossens

Electronics Specialist

Dutch national. Skilled driver and pilot. Also trained as a field medic. Soft-spoken and contemplative. Tactician. Former communications expert in private industry, with military background in The Netherlands and EU Battlegroups. Thrill-seeker. Rural upbringing.

Accept. Assess. Act.

The KESTREL action-technothriller series blends adventure, fringe science, conspiracy theories, contemporary science fiction, and more. Find out about the thrilling instalments in the series below!

The Books

Changer cover


A scientist is drawn into a race against time to prevent an impending disaster that will claim millions of lives. His allies are an elite special forces team, but their adversary is a ruthless man with an unnatural ability, who seeks to hasten the cataclysm…

Book 1 in the KESTREL action-thriller series.

Toll cover


A secret experiment, forgotten for 70 years, has been resurrected to cull Earth's greatest threat: humanity. Elite special forces team KESTREL must chase across Europe and beyond to prevent the dark future ahead…

Book 2 in the KESTREL action-thriller series.

Jinx cover


KESTREL face a new and terrifying enemy: an all-seeing mastermind who already knows exactly who they are, and many of their deepest secrets. Nothing stays hidden forever, and the line between privacy and liberty is razor-thin…

Book 3 in the KESTREL action-thriller series.