Matt Gemmell

The tools I'm using

This page lists the tools I use to get things done.

This site

The site is built and published with Jekyll. Every article (and indeed almost everything I write) is written in Markdown. My host is Linode.

All graphics work is done in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

Writing and editing

I write articles for this site using BBEdit, and it’s also what I use for any scripting, programming, and miscellaneous text-related tasks. I write fiction in Scrivener, and I love it dearly.

I also outline and plan everything in OmniOutliner, manage tasks and projects in TaskPaper, and I use Aeon Timeline to keep track of plotlines over time.


I’ve written extensively about the techniques and utilities I use to maximise productivity, in articles including Small screen productivity, Keyboard Maestro macros, and Mac keyboard shortcuts.

I use the Safari web browser because it’s fast and consumes very little power. I handle email on the command line. I’ve also written about my backups strategy.


I offer a membership program, one of the perks of which is a weekly newsletter. I write it in Byword, and I distribute it with MailChimp. My ecommerce provider is FastSpring.


I have an iPhone (currently a 7), and an Apple Watch which I wear constantly. My main work machine is a 2016 MacBook 12” retina, which is I wrote about here. When I’m at my desk (sitting on a Herman Miller Aeron), I use an external Apple Magic Keyboard.

You can read about my favourite notebooks and pens too.